Monday, 14 January 2013

First Post - A bit about me

Right so I've decided to start a blog, might take me a wee while to get my head around this so my posts will probably improve, so stick with me!

First off a bit about me:
Coming from a cycling family I've been on a bike for as long as I can remember, I started off on the back of my parents bikes, then made it to my first proper bike and I used to just love riding my bike. But then in 2007 I discovered racing at the Peebles CC Dirt Crit Series at Glentress and I was hooked, vowing to come back the next year. So in 2008 I was back and I had multiple 2nd place finishes before finally getting my first race win - wooo! That was a long time ago and it has been a steep, steep upward curve of learning from then on.

On the way to my first race win
I raced on the mountain bike for the 2009 season with my best placing 2nd in a round of the British Series, but then I discovered road racing (much, much better) I decided it was definitely for me so stuck with it. I won the Scottish Youth Crit Champs from 2009 - 2011 and gained some good positions in British Races. I also started racing on the track and loved that too, that took a lot longer to make it anywhere in but I've improved a lot from when I started, mainly with a lot of work, and commitment driving up and down to Manchester (I owe a lot to my parents!). Thankfully since October we've got a nice new track in Glasgow, which just makes such a difference and is amazing to have just an hour away!
Racing can in Britain can be really horrible sometimes!

That pretty sums up my youth years and last year was my first year as a junior, racing in the Womens races. Again, a lot of learning (theres always something to learn) but I think I'm getting my head round it all and I'm so so ready to give it my all in 2013.

In the Scottish Womens Crit Champs last year
Training for next season is going really well, I'm just back from a weekend Scottish Cycling Junior training camp which was very tiring, with plenty of efforts and lot of good work done. We also had a really good self massage class and I will definitely be putting what I've learnt into practice to help my recovery. The races I'll be doing in March and April have been decided so thats really good and adds a lot of motivation to my training, exciting stuff!

So thats my first post, thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with something new, would be much appreciated if you could share this around

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