Wednesday, 24 July 2013

British Crit Champs

Last weekend I headed to York for the British Crit Champs, I was quite looking forward to the race, there was no pressure or expectations and I was very up for just attacking the race. After preriding the course I had very little hopes of actually managing to get a break away to stick, it was very flat and although there was some cobbles I didn't think they were enough to force a split. But anyway that didn't change the game plan, I was going to try my best to get away.

From the start I was up near the front just eager to attack, but I knew it was better to wait a few laps, soon Louise Mahe of Mulebar girls attacked and with no one taking up the chase for about half a lap I decided to go after her, unfortunately just as I got close we rounded a corner to find the race had been stopped due to a crash on the previous lap. This meant we all rolled round to the start for a restart. From the restart I found myself much further back than I would've liked but I worked my way up to the front and got there just before the tightest corner on the circuit which I knew I could go round well, so I decided to go for it, I knew it was super early in the race but worth a shot. I very, very nearly came off at the corner, just managing to save it before I went into the barriers. But it worked and I nailed myself for a whole lap, luckily Hayley Edwards of MG-Maxifuel had come with me and worked together for a few laps till Amy Hill of Abergavenny came across. Amy was really strong and put the power down when she hit the front which had me hanging on and meant Hayley got distanced. Then it was just me and Amy for a bit, I had no idea how close the bunch was behind us but watching it on the TV they actually came pretty close to catching. What really helped us away though was first Eileen Roe and Katie Archibald coming across and really upping the speed then Hannah Barnes making it across too. This meant some serious speed and at points I was suffering to just hang on, I think the initial effort to get away took a lot out of me! Soon it was 10 laps to go and we were still working well together, I still had no idea of the gap but at 5 to go the commentator said that it was 58 seconds. We were away and clear, baring disaster I was guaranteed 5th! And in the end I just didn't have the legs at the end and had to settle for 5th, but still really happy in my first Senior Championships on the road. A very hard day out on the bike though with effectively flat out for an hour!

Attacking to start the winning break
Had my new Oakleys on for the first time in the race as well and would like to say a big thanks to The Tri Centre, Field and Lawn Marqees and Edinburgh RC for them.

Highlights of the race were on ITV4 during the week and you can watch them on ITV player here:

This weekend I'm off to Yorkshire again for the British Junior Road Race cha
mps at Ampleforth, its a very hilly course but I will be giving it my best shot.

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